Texas Data Soft Alan SukinTeXas data Soft was founded by Alan J. Sukin, a network architect, software engineering leader, and search engine optimization and internet marketing expert with 30 years of experience, to start up a true full-service online solutions agency that offers integrated services for any online project. What’s unique about our team is that we believe that there is more to technology than just the means to achieve technical performance. That is why we craft a unique blend of West Texas web development skills, an artistic approach towards web design and the real care for our clients and their customers through customer service and relevant content.

TeXas data Soft employs the best web developers and technology specialists that can build robust, reliable solutions for your website, no matter if it is an SEO blog, a presentation site or a sophisticated e-commerce platform. A dedicated online project manager will be assigned to your company and will handle all the tasks so that your objectives and all the deadlines attached in a timely, efficient manner. The search engine optimization specialists will work on adjusting and tweaking the back end of your website and the content and off-page elements of your online brand to achieve great rankings and authority for the targeted keywords. Moreover, our social media optimization specialists will continuously apply savvy tactics to boost your online reputation, to create and consolidate your brand’s online community and to offer the best client service available for your customers.


Alan Sukin, Founder of TeXas data SoftWhy Choose TeXas data Soft

TeXas data Soft offers a unique, balanced approach to technology, an analytical mindset, and strong business acumen. Our team’s final objective is to help your business achieve a high return on investment (ROI) on all web development and internet marketing investments, along with business growth, innovation and increased productivity. So we would like to invite you to meet us and see what we can do for your business right away.

Lubbock County Business License: https://erecord.co.lubbock.tx.us/recorder/eagleweb/docSearchResults.jsp?searchId=0