BI Strategic ConsultingWe help you declutter your life and make your business much more attractive through the smart dashboard development. Our dashboard designs prevent overloading of data and information, yet delivering the content effectively to the viewers. With our SQL mapping tools, we are trained to help in management and visualization of big data. We at Texdatasoft will facilitate you so you can present the information in the most presentable manner. Our experienced strategic consultants and analysts know how to use all the key features of SQL for better data management and presentation.

Our Tableau consultants will make sure to empower your business through the art of visual analytics. We make sure to deliver the high quality services to our clients. Our highly competent tableau consultants provide professional services which are highly applauded by our clients. We are known to change the perspective of our clients by innovating ways in which they view their data. Our main goal is to liberate our client from the worries of hefty data management and use tableau tools like heat maps and matrixes to sum up their data. We put our client’s interest before ours and come with a well-devised game plan.

By thinking out-of-the-box, we are going to revolutionize your conventional ways of data handling into an interactive and unique story telling! Let Texdatasoft guide you.

Our full list of dashboard development and Tableau consultant services includes:

  • Information management
  • Database administration (DBA)
  • Transforming your requirements into valuable tools using storyboarding, developing in iterations, testing, and feedback and removing road blocks.
  • Creating BI reports to help management make better business decisions
  • Database design, administration, and visual dashboard development consulting.
  • Tableau Software
  • SQL Scripting
  • SQL Databases, Oracle, IBM Cognos, Excel Data Files
  • Dashboard development
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Tableau Drive implementation
  • Tableau Server deployment & optimization
  • Tableau integration strategy
  • Tableau Training
  • ETL, data preparation, and blending

Custom Tableau tools (Power Tools for Tableau)