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West Texas Display AdvertisingWest Texas Display advertising is one the most effective tools you can use to promote your business. Three of the most important advantages of advertising in the online environment include segmentation and targeting, monitoring and evaluation, and an impressive and relevant network for distributing your ads.

How digital display advertising works

A display campaign consists of using visual elements to promote your business in display advertising networks. These networks are composed of a multitude of different websites with different audiences that lend advertising space to interested parties. Of these networks, Google display advertising is one of the most important ones. The Google Display Advertising Network, or GDN, offers a platform to do very engaging advertising, aimed at specific audiences.
By creating a digital display campaign with the support of our team at West Texas Display Advertising Agency, you will be able to promote your business through a memorable visual experience. You can attract users with creative banner ads, inviting Facebook ads, LinkedIn video, or other great video campaigns.

The most common way to calculate advertising rates is to pay for a thousand impressions, or CPM. This means that you will pay a certain amount for each thousand views of your ad. In Google display, the price is calculated automatically by the Google AdWords platform, which accurately estimates the investment you will need for the desired keywords and placements.

You have two means of targeting your banner advertising campaign or your video campaign:

  1. according to placements – a method by which you manually choose the websites on which you want your banners or videos to appear
  2. according to keywords and automatic placements – a tactic by which you manually choose certain keywords you want to target your ads for, and specific categories of websites on which you want your ads to be displayed on. The platform then matches the two criteria and serves the ad in the right context

West Texas Display advertising rates vary from network to network, according to each method they have to optimize costs and according to the specific agreements established with the owners of each website that is part of the network. By using a team of professionals to handle this for you, you will be able to get more impressions for lower costs, thus making the most of your online advertising budget.

West Texas Display Advertising

The benefits of West Texas Display Advertising

Through the creative use of copywriting, graphic design, animation, and videography, you can take full advantage of what this internet marketing tactic has to offer. Among the many benefits of digital display advertising we would emphasize:

  • the ability to attract the attention of potential customers
  • the possibility to precisely target the campaign to reach the desired audience
  • the fact that it is more cost effective than print advertising
  • the fact that every element is traceable and measurable
  • the possibility to adjust the graphic design elements and copy during the campaign according to feedback received from the users
  • the opportunity to insert your ads in contexts that favor a better understanding of your products and services

West Texas Display AdvertisingWest Texas Display Advertising on the web is a powerful tool and is mainly used for branding purposes, but it can also be used for lead generation. Although video advertising is beginning to gain popularity, banner advertising still holds the biggest share of this market. That is why banner web design plays such an important part in this area.
For example, in Google display advertising, the better quality your ads have, the lower display advertising rates you will pay. In order for your ad to be perceived as having a high Quality Score, it has to:

  • respect the guidelines of the GDN
  • be creative, but transparent
  • foster engagement by reactions
  • direct users to a website that is designed well
  • be informative, entertaining, or rewarding in some way for the user

These are a couple of reasons why professional banner web design is so important. Our team of web designers is ready to take on any challenge and deliver compelling and impressive banner ads that really make an impact and deliver results.

You can use West Texas display advertising to build visibility for your website, to boost sales for a certain service or product and to promote your brand in environments other than the channels you own. It is important to know that display advertising can boost conversion rates, it can encourage registration, even in the banner, to your database and can increase brand recall when combined with other forms of marketing. Remember that we can do this not only on the Google Display Network, but also on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social networks or platforms which offer banner advertising space.

If you are interested in the West Texas Display Advertising services, be sure to consult our internet marketing packages or choose this service from the services when creating your own bundle.  Contact us with any questions or concerns.