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Pay Per Click Agency

Pay Per Click Agency

Pay Per Click Agency has been experts with many years of experience, knowledge and skills in Bing, Yahoo Ads, and Google Pay-Per-Click Adword campaigns that translate into ROI for your business.

TeXas data Soft, a Pay Per Click Agency, builds strong relationships with you to become an internet marketing wing for your company.  We setup your  Google AdWords campaign for you based on your spend per month that will help you with your Display Ads, Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords Campaigns, and Monitoring and Reporting.   Pay Per Click optimization is crucial as it enhances conversion rates with time and lowers the expense per click as we gain knowledge from the previous results from and history established .

Our Pay Per Click Agency will customize and manage your Adwords campaigns by targeting the keywords, and analyzing your bounce rate, Google AdWords analytics, and constantly fine tuning your campaigns and ads.    Our expertise includes understanding your business priorities and developing them strategically into marketing plans based on your budget.  We expand your marketing plans based on a diverse portfolio of digital marketing tools to be able to A/B test the ones that are most valuable and show the best performance.  As time goes on based on monthly, quarterly and yearly plans we make recommendations along the way based on demographic and well-rounded growth in revenue.  And, we work directly with you, and meet with you by skype or in person in order to ensure that your requirements and goals are being met. Our communication and feedback with you then gets translated into strategizing, analyzing, modifying your marketing portfolio and mix and implementing the new plan.   Through analytics and other tools we are always evalutating the effectiveness of your marketing portfolio.

How do we increase your ROI?

Sacramento Pay Per Click AgencyWell, one thing is that we focus on in increasing your ROI by constantly reviewing statistics of the initial well thought out campaign and ads that we setup based on the spend per month.  YouTube, E-mail, Social Media Tradeshows, Inside and Outside Sales strategies, print ads are all effective in addition to long-term and short-term  SEO.  But, with our Pay Per Click Agency based in West Texas, Pay-Per Click advertising we are able to fast results.  After even a week, we will analyze several analytics including Click Through Rates, CTR) Google AdWords Analytics, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools.  From there, we will evaluate your conversions, and begin to decrease your bounce rates, better target the victors the visit your site, lower the cost of the targeted keywords.  And, we will continue to evaluate the performance and statistics on going to fine tune and hone in on using the appropriate sequence of targeted keywords to increase conversions and get traffic to stay on your site longer.

We will work diligently to lower the costs of targeted keyword clicks that are just too competitive (e.g. $15 per click), and modify your ads over time to go after the keywords that convert that your competitors have overlooked (e.g. $.15 – $0.45).

TeXas data Soft, a Pay Per Click Agency is constantly staying up with the lasts changes that Google, Bing and Yahoo make with respect to every aspect of internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, display advertising, and how they all intertwine.

TeXas data Soft is a Pay Click Agency that will get your business on the top of the first page with your Google AdWords Campaign before and after you get organically ranked through your website search engine optimization.  Both are two different animals equally important, but internet marketing is gives you almost immediate return where as it takes time to get organically ranked.