Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization occurs in search engine marketing in order to evaluate the success of a campaign. Conversion Rate Optimization is the process that is used to measure all of the actions on your page and how they relate to your business objectives. It also includes content-related techniques and technical approaches that meet in the optimization of landing pages. In order for you to understand the conversion rate optimization process more fully, we will describe it in steps.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

In order for conversion tracking to happen, we implement a complex and thorough process that will enable you to have a high return on investment for your Internet marketing campaign:

Step 1: Define a goal for each page on your website. We will help you increase your organic search rankings by creating quality content for your website and by helping you set an objective for each of the pages on your website. What do you want the user to do on each page? Do you want him to fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, download something, or maybe buy a product or a service? Knowing what you want a user to do will provide you the means to offer the user a better customer experience by filtering the information and providing everything necessary to assist the user in meeting your goal for the page.

Step 2: Set up an Internet marketing campaign. We recommend using pay per click marketing professionals to build an individualized campaign for your business. Our detailed approach is presented in the dedicated page on our website. TeXas data Soft offers complete search engine marketing services, including the creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of two or more campaigns.

Step 3: Set up a conversion funnel. This is a technical concept used in e-commerce operations to describe the route a consumer takes from your Internet marketing campaign advertisement, through the conversion goal for the page, and ending with making a purchase from your website. This will enable conversion tracking and the constant improvement of all the customer experience elements in your campaign and on your website.

Step 4: Monitor the lead generation process, couple it with insights from organic search rankings, and see what your users like most about the content on your website. With this information, you can optimize both your website and your marketing campaign in a synergistic approach to make both function in the best way. This should lead to increased meaningful traffic on your website with more conversions and sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

What to improve in conversion rate optimization

The West Texas conversion rate optimization process includes the constant analysis and adjustment of several elements in an Internet marketing campaign, according to user feedback, meant to provide the potential customer with a better, more useful and rewarding experience.

In order to maximize the chances for a visitor to your website to become a customer, you need to improve several aspects of your website including Conversion Rate Optimization. In order to optimize the landing page from the campaign you should:

  • Set a clear goal for the pages you send users to from the search marketing campaign
  • Clearly define the benefits for the individual if the user decides to convert and become a customer, subscriber, or contact you with questions.
  • Offer several payment methods if your website is an e-commerce application
  • Have some clear terms and conditions for the desired actions such as a return policy or a way to unsubscribe from email newsletters or campaigns
  • Be transparent about the protection and processing of personal information
  • Indicate what action you want the user to perform by the use of a call to action
  • Offer the user enough detailed information to be trusted with payments and personal information

The lead generation capacity of your campaign is impacted by all of these ideas, and TeXas data Soft treats them as important parts of the conversion optimization process. Continually performing Conversion Rate Optimization will ensure that the money you invest in an Internet marketing campaign will bring qualified leads to your website, targeted traffic, or conversion to actions performed on the landing page.

If you are interested in our conversion rate optimization services in the greater Lubbock area, you can find out about pricing options from our search engine optimization package or choose this service specifically by using the configurator tool. Should you need more information about landing page optimization and other details, you can always contact us.