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Sacramento Keyword ResearchFor those less conversant with search engine optimization jargon, SEO keyword research is the process through which the most competitive keywords related to your business’s specialty are selected and included in your website, both through content copywriting and by optimizing the website’s code, according to SEO standards. The steps taken to find and choose these keywords are very thorough and complex ones. Proper website Keyword Research should be done by specialists who have mastered the techniques and data related to the search marketing field, so your website can benefit from valuable and long lasting results from this activity.

Sacramento Keyword Research

Importance of Keyword Research and Selection

You may be wondering why website Keyword Research  is so important for your business, so we are here to answer that question. Having great content that is easy to find by users and easy to understand by search engines will improve the chances that your website will appear on the first page of search engine results for particular search queries. A search query is the string of words an Internet user inputs into a search engine. This SEO improvement to your website means that you will have a competitive advantage, that you could grow the traffic on your website, and increase your sales. Let us see how the keyword selection for SEO works.

TeXas data Soft starts by thoroughly researching the most used search terms related to the services your business offers. We do this by using advanced software and dedicated applications, as well as information provided by search engines themselves, on platforms such as the Google AdWords Keyword  Planner tool. In parallel, we use other specialized tools to track any SEO improvement that your competitors might have done on their websites, so we can know how to best use your assets. The next stage is to perform keyword selection for

SEO from these often hundreds or even thousands of keywords according to the following criteria:

  • relevancy for your website and line of business
  • competition level on search engines for individual keywords
  • number of searches on major search engines for each keyword
  • number of local searches for those keywords, in case you are interested in local SEO services
  • content analysis to see how engaging the keywords are

We use this SEO Keyword Research information and correlate it with the information extracted from your website’s analytics data, if you already have a website. Also, if you have previously invested in Internet marketing campaigns, we will also collect the historic data and refine it until we identify the best set of keywords that rise to the highest SEO standards.

sacramento keyword researchEver-changing Keyword Research for SEO

Since search engines are always changing the way they work, as you can read about on our search engine optimization page. These modifications also influence the way we do website keyword research. That is why we consider keyword selection for SEO a dynamic process, which must be constantly monitored, analyzed, and improved, according to the changing needs and wishes of users.

Besides providing SEO improvement for keywords that have a high volume of searches, we also focus on the demand for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are more complex phrases used by users to search for their interests on the web. Here is the difference between a normal keyword and a long tail keyword:

  • normal keyword: “new iPhone 5” or “new Mercedes S Class”
  • long tail keyword: “best iPhone 5 price” or “new Mercedes S Class configurator and prices”

The user who engages in log tail keyword search is more likely to make a purchase or make an action that is valuable to your business. This is also an important factor to consider when thinking about local SEO services, because long tail keywords are much more likely to lead to valuable conversions.

Of course, even with the best SEO Keyword Research, it will take a lot of work to compete with the players in your field if you are just starting your business. Especially if you are trying to compete in a field that has lots of competition for the best keywords. It is vitally important to understand the difficulty and intricacies of the search engine optimization process in order to use it to your advantage.

The website SEO services in addtion to Keyword Research that TeXas data Softoffers also include SEO copywriting, conversion rate optimization, SEO web design, and web analytics. You can check out the pricing in the dedicated SEO packages or choose specific services by using our configurator tool. If you need more information, be sure to read through the entire section about search engine optimization, or contact us directly.