West Texas Social Media Reporting

West Texas Social Media ReportingCommunicating through West Texas social media is great for your brand, but in order to see if your efforts are working, you need social media reporting. At Texas Data Soft, we believe that a West Texas Social Media Reporting is more than just a collection of numbers gathered for the most important key performance indicators. We believe in making the information we collect through social media monitoring actionable, so you can actually use it to improve your business process.

Benefits of a West Texas Social Media Marketing Report

Using the right West Texas Social Media Reporting tools for the right objectives is what makes the difference between a common report on social media and information that creates a competitive advantage. We are slowly progressing to another era of the social online environment. Until now, we have been in a passive state, monitoring, tracking, counting, reporting and listening to what people say, discuss and feel about brands. Now we are doing everything we can to be active players in this dynamic scene and leveraging the information gathered in a social media report is a very big part of that process. We need to understand, engage, support, influence and optimize the conversations and processes that the brands we represent are involved in.

The role of the social data included in West Texas social media reporting is crucial to how businesses are evolving, it can:

  • Influence adaptive marketing
  • Lead to informed outreach programs
  • Reveal important aspects that can be improved about your products/services or about your customer service program
  • Inspire creativity in the business process or in promoting the brand
  • Create real time focus-groups for the brand to use for testing

Social media reporting tools are important because they can automate a part of the social media monitoring process, but this endeavor cannot lack the human touch and professional analysis. You can collect the data, but you will need someone to make sense of it. We can do that for you.

West Texas Social Media Reporting – A Framework for Proactive Intelligence

Texas Data Soft does not only handle specific, time-sensitive campaigns, but mostly engages in creating long-term programs and strategies to help your brand build a really solid presence in social media. The social media report is part of that and we explain below what our framework for proactive intelligence entails.

Step 1: We begin monitoring your brand.

  • Determine your target audience
  • Listen to their conversations
  • Look at the changes that occur in their conversations about your brand over time
  • Collect important insights by using social media reporting tools
  • Create a custom template which we use to report on social media progress

Step 2: We evolve to listening.

  • Extract conclusions from your social media marketing reports
  • Figure out how social trends affect or merge with your business’s objectives
  • Determine a business purpose for the data you keep collecting
  • Use social media to validate something you learned from traditional channels

Step 3: We find the actionable intelligence in the social media report.

  • Connect social and business reporting methods and key performance indicators
  • Merge traditional and social scorecards to see influences and common grounds for evolution
  • Create customized, important metrics to give you a perspective on performance
  • Refine the data collection and filtering process by creating a scalable model

In a practical manner, you can find out where your fans and followers are from what their demographic profile looks like, what they like besides your brand and what they talk about. You can get to know them and, based on this information, offer them better services and products to improve your relationship with them. Don’t let Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yelp be just another item in your report.

If you are interested in our West Texas Social Media Reporting service, please check out the Texas Data Soft pricing options for West Texas social media optimization or create your own bundle by using our services tool. Also, if you are curious about the results that this process can bring, our SMO portfolio awaits.